Finally back in Melbourne!

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Mates, I am SO HAPPY to be back in Melbourne! Since I saw you last I have been to Berlin and New York and Edinburgh and Copenhagen and Stockholm and Tokyo and Gothenburg and Los Angeles but nothing beats being back in my home away from home, Melbourne!

Since I will only be in Australia for the months of February and March I don't plan on touring (with the exception of a couple of days in Sydney) so I'll have plenty of time for fun with you all! My schedule is flexible and I'm staying in the CBD so will be able to see most of you, wherever you live. 

I'll also have a friend visiting from Sweden this year so keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming doubles ad on I'm also planning a Valentine's Day special with a new image collection and special rates for those who bring me a Valentine's gift. 

Very much looking forward to summer in Melbourne with you! 

All best, 

and kisses,